The Imperial Overseas Command was founded by Colonel “Dan” Driscoll, together with Captain Roger Pocock (who became the first Commissioner of the new command) and, who later rename titled the command to Independent Overseas Command of Frontiersmen.

Formed in 1927, the new command of the Legion of Frontiersmen started with the officers and men of the 25th Battalion Royal (Frontiersmen) Fusiliers.

The Independent Overseas Command is registered in London 89/923: No 34423 & B9/1292/38112.

The Independent Overseas Command is a member of the United Nations Association.

The Independent Overseas Command is recognised by the Federation Des Combatants Allis En Europe.

All badges and insignias of the Command are registered at Stationers Hall, London and are copyright in the United States of America.

Public Records Office – London – United Kingdom has the following: Charter of Incorporation WO:32 10427/1922.  


East Africa 1915 – 1917